Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Playing together!

We have reached the moment - the kids playing together - really playing together and coming up with imaginary games and rules and roles - that I have been waiting for. I'm hoping it will continue for a while and not be a fleeting moment of bliss. They have been playing "shop" under the barstools. One sells to the other for "cash and money" and then they switch. Their store sells clothes, treats, food, and all kinds of other stuff.

They have also been doing lots of play with their baby dolls. This afternoon they had them out playing chalk and learning to walk in the front yard. The other day they were teaching them to use the potty.

It's really amusing when Peanut tells a story about what her girl likes or doesn't and then ends with "ah, I didn't know that about her!" as though her girl is unfolding her personality the way my little ones seem to be.

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