Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yeah - it's my choice, but boy it can be a pain

One morning last week as I was squeezing fresh orange juice, making eggs and gluten free waffles, and realizing I'd be hustling to get the kids in the car and off to wherever it was we were going on time, I thought "why can't I just be normal?". Really, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel. Go for it - eat Cap'n Crunch and skim milk for breakfast. Have a frozen veggie puff (what is in that?), store bought fried chicken, a Lunchable, orange drink, white bread grilled cheese, granola bars all day, candy, ice cream, milkshakes, and yeah - let's just stop at McDonalds.

This crap is way tiring. We go out most mornings, and I pack snacks and lunch for the kids and myself. I feel like a freaking pack mule with all of these lunch boxes and glass containers with fresh healthy homemade food inside. Lately the kids are eating us out of house and home, so nothing lasts long, which means I carry more stuff. If they don't get and/or eat any protein with breakfast, the requests for snacks or lunch come fast and furious within the hour. Yeah sure, we can eat at a restaurant, but we are usually at people's houses and besides that - I don't have the funds for dining out every day. And yeah, I could wrap everything in tin foil or plastic wrap, but then I'd be tossing so much trash everyday...

Is it worth it? I have to believe it is. But sometimes I secretly wish it made no difference at all.


Brann...it's good for you. said...

What's wrong with store-bought orange juice...?

Laurie said...

The preservatives and chemicals are the main thing for me, but the taste of fresh oj is far superior to a carton. Here's some info on processed OJ - http://yalepress.typepad.com/squeezed/