Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spree for me

It is an addictive kind of rush. It's hard to believe I had forgotten what it felt like, and harder still to believe it had been so long since I last did it. Today, I shopped. For me. For clothes. For fun. And I want to do it again. Very. Very. Soon.

Since I was young, I have been a shopper. I love dressing rooms, trying on clothes that fit your life and those that are way out of your league in whatever way. I love the feel of different fabrics. I love knowing something is going to look great on, and being right. I love when the salesperson sees how much you have bought or what you are carrying and scurries to find you a dressing room and then checks in to be sure you have what you need. I love the calm quiet atmosphere of a nice department store, and the miles of beautiful things you could just have. I love the pile of possibilities, and culling it down to what you are really going to take home.

I didn't plan on a spree today. I went into the mall for a pair of jeans. I knew what kind, what size, and didn't even need to try them on. So in and out of one store in a flash, but my eye had already begun wandering. I had Pumpkin with me, so I know I would have been on an all day bender had I not had to feed and change the poor boy, but I did some serious shopping nonetheless. Several stores, fitting rooms, sales exchanges later, I was the proud owner of some new tops, new underthings, jeans, and tinted lip gloss (oh!) which may not sound too crazy, but when you have been wearing nursing bras and tank tops with the same 4 shirts and the same 3 pairs of jeans pretty much every single day without fail, this is a big deal. It's a bit deal too because it felt so good to try on clothes and have them fit and look good! That's a new experience since everything in my closet is either too big or too small, or I wear it everyday and it is becoming threadbare.

Now I just need a new pair of boots, a dress, a new skirt, and some tank tops. Oh and a new handbag. And maybe some fun jewelry. Some cute spring shoes would be good too...ahhh, that's a nice feeling.

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A said...

Love that you did this. And more tomorrow!!

Happy Birthday, beautiful momma!