Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still a Festive Halloween

We did have a fun Halloween weekend, aside from the sadness of the cat. I had done a little table scape of gourds and such that the kids loved. Pumpkin especially would grab the items and scream "gourd!" as he cheerfully banged them on the table and floor.

Pumpkin was sick Friday night and Saturday, so we moved our HMN Holistic Halloween and harvest Party to my co-leaders house at the last minute. She took it all in stride and was really chill about doing it all that day. Thank goodness for good friends!
We baked and did some crafts (what else is new?!) for the season. Pumpkin pecan muffins were *really* good! Coconut flour made them gluten free, and chocolate chips made them scrumptious.

Everyone loves to color pumpkins. We glued, painted, colored, carved and scooped out our pumpkins. Both kids loved the seeds too.

Here is my Cinderella - I finished that dress Friday night. It turned out too big in the bodice and too long, but that's what you get for doing on the fly fittings on a three year old.

I love the underskirt - she looks very regal.
It was interesting to see the princess thing unfold. We saw several little girls with the Disney outfits and Peanut was quite smitten by them. She loved her dress though. One of her friends at the party had a pink princess dress her mom had made for her, and Peanut was so excited for them to be the pink and blue princesses. The other little girl told me right away that she was wearing a princess dress but she was a princess all the time no matter what she was wearing. Yep - so's Peanut! That's why I love these HMN people!

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A said...

Just catching up on a few posts. Yes, thank goodness for great friends. I would have never been so chill about it all without your amazing influence in my life for the past 3 years. Love you!