Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Seasonal Table

We've been focusing on fall, harvest, and Thanksgiving (consumerism be damned - I won't give in to the store Christmas displays) and have had some fun with our "seasonal table". I just started the table a month or two ago and it has been working out wonderfully. The plan is to have various items, both natural and man made, that signify the seasons laying out so the kids can explore them. I got some wooden bowls at the thrift store to help contain the "treasures" and just generally small things, as well as to encourage some collections. Everything is on the coffee table, so it is accessible for regular play and rearranging.

We've had our pumpkins and gourds out for a while, and I wanted to add a little something new so we did a nature hunt on Sunday. The kids went into the yard with a bag and collected interesting stuff. They arranged and rearranged in their own little bowls and the big bowl for what seemed like hours that afternoon. It's fun to watch - don't mind the runny noses in the pics - we did get right to it once we came inside! No time for wiping noses :)

I've also been on the hunt for Thanksgiving and harvest books that are not created by some random government council or discuss happily our stealing of land. I found some dealing with specific crops, and some nice "Giving Thanks" kinds of books. We added them to the living room display as well. I'd really love to get a small bookshelf that faces the books out like they have at preschool. That way I can keep them neat, but the kids can still see them. Happy fall!!!

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