Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little Cookers

Both kids love to help in the kitchen. They both have little aprons now and look so cute and professional! Last week, we tried a recipe for almond flour cookies that could be rolled an cut into shapes. I wanted to test drive it before the holidays, as I go to a cookie exchange each year and at least one of the longtime guests is now gluten free. These came out pretty nicely - we ate them plain but they can be frosted and decorated. Not too sweet and nicely nutty. They were a bit crumbly, but I think maybe some finer ground almond flour may work better. They were also supposed to sit in the freezer for an hour before rolling and cutting, but these sat overnight as life happened in between :) as usual! So maybe a little too much condensation from the freeze and thaw worked against us as well.

Not only do they love to cook for real, but it seems that our play kitchen area is *the place* to be lately. They are constantly making tea, coffee, chicken, pizza, cake, soup, and all kinds of tasty vittles in there. Pumpkin sits at the table and yells "eat!" and Peanut cooks up a storm. I love that they can happily play together and I can be out of sight for a bit at a time. It is quite a lovely break and I enjoy hearing their conversations and peeking into their imaginations!

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