Sunday, October 31, 2010


I became a cat mom when Honey and I moved in together. Calvin and my dog Megan got along great after a pretty rough start, and when Megan died I know he was missing her. When we got another dog, it seemed Calvin liked Elkie well enough but he kept his distance. As our family grew, he took it all in stride and became a very chill cat. He let the kids mess with him and lately he had been really public instead of always running and hiding when guests were here. He slept on our bed every night, and had just recently begun to sleep on Peanuts bed sometimes. We complained about his hair everywhere, his hairballs. He was supremely lazy. He had his favorite spots on the couch and chairs, various beds in the house, and in front of the heating vents. He meowed at me when it was 10pm to force me to go to bed, as though he had been up and running all day and was tired dammit. He was a good cat. He was a beautiful cat.

This afternoon, he just was sick and moaning for hours. I called Honey to let him know something was wrong. After a while, Calvin parked himself on a chair and just didn't move. He barely opened his eyes when Honey came back home. I knew, Honey knew, I even think the kids knew. I still bawled when Honey came back from the vet by himself. I will miss that little furball. I'll miss his warm purring at night and the sight of his little body curled up in random places around the house. He had a great life - and a long one. He was well loved and I know he knew that.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. He looks just like the kitty we lost 7 years ago. Identical. They are great companions and complete goofballs. He's probably up being lazy with our kitty, Crockett, right now. Big fat, furry black kitty cats sleeping in the sun!

- jen e