Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Way Better View!

So we got a few new windows, and of course, we can feel the difference - our rooms are not drafty - but the best part is the change in the view.

Here is a picture of the kitchen before we worked any magic at all. The whole thing is scary, but focus on the windows for now please. Our kitchen window came down all the way to the countertop (so far that the old back splash actually was covering the bottom of the window!)and while it was a big window it was two double hung windows with mullions in them (those white grids is you are not sure). People would walk in and say "hey nice kitchen" and then a few minutes later as they peered through a tiny pane would comment on the yard. Well, all that has changed my friends!

I left right after the crew got here, and ran a few errands. By the time I got back, we had gaping holes in our house and it was cold! But I could already see what a great change it would be.

I left again (it was cold!) and when I arrived back, we had new windows in Peanut's room, our downstairs guest room and the kitchen. They looked beautiful from the outside and the inside!

The kitchen though is an absolute transformation. The first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen is the yard and the view of the golf course. It is so beautiful and really the reason we bought this house. Peanut and Honey went out to play in the yard with the crazy dog yesterday and I could see them clearly while I was in the kitchen getting our dinner started. It was really nice - a harbinger of things to come. I know that view will be where I watch our kids grow up.

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