Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A very snowy day

Finally we got some snow! If it is going to snow, I like it to be a good one. I grew up in New York, so we went to school in the snow - I remember building a little igloo to sit in while we waited for the bus. Arounbd here, if it threatens to be cold and rain, then all bets are off. A good snow is hard to find, but we did have enough snow today to go out and play! Peanut really had a good time and so did the dog!
So we spent most of the day hanging out - baked muffins and played with toys, read some books. It made me long for just being a mom and not having any other responsibilities. For the next few months, we are continuing to work on the house, I have three jobs in addition to being a mommy, and I am continuing to be co-leader of our local Holistic Moms Network. Sometimes I just want to hide, and today was the perfect excuse to do just that! It is wonderful that here in Virginia, it is perfectly acceptable to cancel all activities because of any amount of poor weather.
I know we need to get back to the work at hand - Thursday we get some new windows and we expect our shutters and roof repair to happen sometime next week. That will mean we get to eat in a lighted dining room for the first time since we have been here! I will also finish the glass shelves on the kitchen wall and we can officially call our kitchen "done".
I'd like to put the mirror up in the downstairs bath, and get the counter top done in the upstairs bath. Sadly, I had a nice relaxing bath tonight, that should have been stress free, however it put me at eye level with the horrible caulking and grout job in the bathroom and made me want to tear it out and start over. Honey says no. At least not right this minute. It is good to have a voice of reason.

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