Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Views!

So we took the plunge and have ordered windows for the rest of our house. We realized based on how nice they looked as they were going in that we would need to do some more - the front windows at least. Over the first week we had them in though, we noticed that Peanut's room is now the same temperature as the rest of the house when we open her door to check on her before bed each night! What a concept! It used to be at least a few degrees colder in there until the air circulated once the door was opened. That was what sold us on all of them.

The measuring guy from Andersen came this morning at a little after 6am. I remember I used to start work that early - I did four days a week from 6-4:30 I think. It is hard to imagine now - I missed my workout and was barely showered by the time the guy got here. How is it possible that I could be clean, dressed and ready AND drive almost an hour and be there by 6???

So, now I am catching up on things since I am up and Peanut is not yet....oh wait - I think I hear a little voice upstairs! Ah, now I hear daddy getting her up and dressed.

I did our hospital registration this morning online - what did we do before everything was online? I just don't even remember it. I was lamenting my size to Honey the other day, and said - "I wasn't this big last time at 4-5 months was I?" and he patiently reminded me that at 24 weeks, I am actually 6 months pregnant. Hmmmmm. Made me feel better, but also made me realize how time is flying!

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