Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh the Girl Scouts got the best of us!

So we are really trying to take care of ourselves, eat well, and avoid chemicals and processed foods, especially after our forced processed food binge during the kitchen renovation. Honey and I have both been working hard at reading labels and being more cognizant of what we eat. We rid the cabinets of everything with high fructose corn syrup (or the same thing by any other name) a year or so ago at least, and have tried to attack other bad stuff along the way.

Well, after all our hard work, our babysitter brought over the several boxes of girl scout cookies we ordered (and promptly forgot about) several months ago. Every year, I just forget how addictive these things are! One serving becomes one sleeve of cookies in no time flat! And ingredients - who cares???!!!! Those thin mints could be buried so deep in the freezer that we would need an ice pick to get them out and I would drive to the hardware store to buy one for just that purpose.

Every year, I try to buy less of them, but I have a policy that if the Girl Scout herself can sell me on them then I will buy. I don't do the "mom brought the form to work" thing - on no. You, the scout, must tell me why I should buy them, where the money goes, and make recommendations about which are the cookies I should purchase. Isn't that the purpose? Developing responsibility, communication skills, understanding the interconnections between your actions and the end results???? The poor kids who come to my door. They have no idea what they are in for. I know I got this from my dad - he would put every salesman who cold called our house through the paces, even though he was not going to but what they were selling. Then he would critique their performance!

Well, once they are gone they are gone. Like Cadbury creme eggs - which come to think of it - those should be showing up pretty soon too....Oh I need a game plan to deal with those!

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