Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out of Jail

There is nothing I hate more than a prison sink. You know, the little square sink that hangs off the wall in the bathroom and makes it look like you only have the basics and no more. If you can't picture it, it looks like this:

So we had one of these in our old house and replaced it with a nice pedestal sink just before we moved. This lovely green one is in our lower level bathroom and we had planned on doing something about it eventually, but it was really low on the priority list. Well, today a sink and vanity came up on freecycle and we got it! It is just as small, but now we have storage below the sink and it is white which is nice as we'd like to leave some of the 70's green behind. As usual, there a is a little domino effect. I had to pull a few baseboard tiles out in order for the cabinet to sit flush with the wall. Also, you can see the pretty deep purple that the wall behind the sink was painted - can you imagine the entire room covered in purple with these green fixtures??? So now I have to patch, prime, and paint as well as cut some tiles to fit back in the baseboard area, but overall, I think it came out well. Remember, it was FREE! Here is the new sink:

Although I am really getting good at it, plumbing is dirty, dirty work. Especially taking off old plumbers putty and gunk in order to get the supply lines and faucets off. Yuk! We kept our faucet as we liked it better than the one that was on the "new" sink, and changed out the handle on the cabinet to a more modern pewter one. It is a start! Now we need a white toilet and a new light fixture and this bathroom will come to the present day! Maybe some hand towels would be good too... I don't know about any more shopping though.
We did what we think might be our final IKEA run today. I feel like I have said that before though. We returned our last few items and bought a cheap countertop for our upstairs bath - we are a little tired of the very creative but truly hideous recycled closet door counter there. While we were there, I once again looked at the stainless steel kitchen island and went back and forth over whether it would be too much steel or would work out OK in the kitchen. I am leaning towards it, but we decided to measure out the space on the floor and see what it will look like first.
There is much more to get up to speed on, but it will all have to wait! Peanut is vying for my attention, asking for "this' and "this", begging to see a "meow meow" and have me draw a doggie. A fabulous life calls!

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