Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peanut Just Played Her!

So, here's a funny story - we went out on Saturday night to Honey's cousins house for a wine tasting. On a side note, the fact that he is into wine is HILARIOUS as he has incessantly poked fun at us (well, Honey really) for getting into wine. Anyway - it was a fun reason to have a night out for us and we got a babysitter for a few hours. The sitter has watched Peanut before and put her down for naps, but never to bed at night. Well, this should be easy money, right? A quick good night and then lounging in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. Not so much. We get a couple of messages when we checked my phone at the party from the babysitter - Peanut won't go to bed. Hmmmmm. She is 1 1/2 years old. What is the deal? So we call and let her know we are on our way back now. She says that when she puts Peanut in her crib, she cries and won't sleep. OK.

So we get home, and I go upstairs to see what is going on and there is no one there. I go downstairs and they are happily playing with toys in the rec room. So we can all see what the deal is here - Peanut has decided that this sweet girl is here to play with her and there is zero chance she is going to go to bed when they could be whooping it up! She totally played her like a fiddle! She complained, the babysitter came in and picked her up, and she guided her to the toys. We talked a little about how sometimes kids do that and you need to just let them know it's time for bed and close the door. We'll have the babysitter come early to put Peanut to sleep alongside us next time I think.

Honey put her in bed and she was asleep before I left to take the babysitter home.

The best part is that she was so tired, that she slept in the next day. What a bonus! I woke up with no alarm and no baby sounds and still had time to myself before I heard a peep from her room at 8:30. That was completely unexpected and worth a little angst the night before.

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