Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Unifying Holiday

I love Halloween.  It's really one of my favorite holidays - not because of the candy, but because of the way that wearing costumes creates a bit of oneness.  Class and society distinctions fade a bit when people look goofy.  I love that.  It's like how people say we should all fight wars naked or while wearing pink or something. 

Before I had kids, I always had a super fun Halloween party, and did lots of very colorful, loud, and sometimes scary decorations.  It was kind of my Christmas, since I didn't really "do" Christmas then.  Now that I have these two sweet little ones, I realize that my fun was potentially super scary to some of the wee ones, but I still miss doing all that decorating!  I recall some younger trick or treaters sending mom or dad to the door so they wouldn't have to step on the howling mat or get close to the scarecrow with the pumpkin head.  I can completely relate now. 

So, I was proud this year when Honey told me the kids walked right up to a well decked out house with scary music and all to knock and say trick or treat!  Actually, I'm just proud that they decided to say Trick or treat at all.  About an hour before heading out, Peanut came to me and said "I think I am ready to say "trick or treat" to people even if I do not know them.  Of course, we then practiced with me in the bathroom and she and Pumpkin knocking on the door, and then they stood on the front porch to give it a try while I pretended to be a stranger.  One step at a time right?  They ended up going to 7 houses - way more than last year - and they brought home a nice little load of candy.

Knowing our love of good food and lack of super sugary treats, you may be asking what we did with all that candy?  That, my friends, is a story for another day.  Stay tuned!

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