Sunday, June 12, 2011

Neat and tidy

The weeds had been taking over the yard for a while, and we were trying to keep it under control, but it was a seriously losing battle.  We finally decided to hire landscapers to cut and mulch new and old garden beds to make our yard more cohesive and yes, give us far less grass for Honey to mow. 

The kids got to watch the big machines (Pumpkin really loves these big trucks, big dirt, big mulch, and the big guys) all day.  I loved that Pumpkin wore butterfly wings as her shouted about the big truck and Peanut made mulch with paper scraps that she cut up and strew all over the house. 

So now I am chomping at the bit to expand my perriennial borders and add some more fruit trees :)  Had it not been so freaking hot today, I suspect I would have come home fromt he garden center with a truckful of new plants!  I'm so excited to fill all this new space and so pleased with how neat and professional it looks!  I kind of can't believe it is my yard!

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