Thursday, March 3, 2011

A space for me too!

A while ago, my mom's boyfriend gave us an extra computer. We had plans to set it up for Peanut, and then it just sat in the corner collecting dust. Lately, the kids had started to pretend to send email and type on the keyboard, and we finally decided it was time to get it turned on. Honey and I found a desk with adjustable legs that exactly matches our desks at the Habitat For Humanity Restore for $10 (!) so we lugged that home - well, Honey lugged it home - and got it set up in a corner of our office. The computer has a real home, and the kids can turn it on and off. It doesn't "do" anything yet, but that's the fun of it - they are imagining and expanding on their play, pretending to do their work. The height of the desk is perfect and they pulled some little stools from the playroom in to use as their desk chairs. They love it - Thanks Ron!

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