Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been thinking about homeschooling a lot lately. As we approach the end of the school year, everyone wants to know what we are planning on doing next year, and honestly, so do I. We have had a few missed school days for various reasons lately, and I have really enjoyed having both kids home, just going with the flow, and not trying to get anywhere in a big hurry. It hasn't hurt that our streets are being paved this week and we have spent literally watching the crews out the front window.

The children are completely enraptured by the whole thing and we get to talk about how the crew works together. How they can tell who the foreman is. What kinds of hand signals they are using with each other. How they know the right amount of material to use. How they keep their trucks lined up the right way. Whether the asphalt is hot or cold. Why the workers wear hardhats and hard shoes. What the trucks are called. How many guys there are. What a manhole is for.
So it makes me think of homeschooling, because they are curious and interested and the directions we could go from this one event are limitless. So this week, I'm on the homeschooling train. All because of a little construction.

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