Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know there will eventually be a day where I have one "to do" list in a central location and can actually tick off the items as I do them. Or maybe I will once again be able to remember what I have to do! As it stands now, I wander from place to place knowing I came into that room for something but having no idea what. I sit down at the computer with the idea that there is a task that needs doing, and then putter around without being able to recall the initial task. I'm so tired that I have been the only one to fall asleep the past few days when we have tried to have a "family nap" (which honestly has only ever resulting in both kids falling asleep once) and have woken to Pumpkin pushing my head around saying "Momma, awake! Play!".

I'm not sure that people who don't stay home with kids all day really grasp this issue; there is a brain sucking monster and it is under three feet tall. The level of interruptions during every aspect of the day is so astronomical that I'm amazed I can finish any tasks at all. By the time the brain suckers go to bed, my brain is fried, and it just wants to regroup. I have several lists of things spread all around the house. I do get to them, but lately it feels like I am doing the absolute necessities all the time rather than planning ahead or even being proactive at all. I think my brain needs a little time out and some sleep. Maybe I need to just clear out the inbox, toss all the dirty clothes, clean off the desk and piles of papers stacked in the kitchen and start fresh. If something is really important it will pop up again I'm sure.

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bonboneater said...

I just had a wine called "Mommy's time out" tonight. Not a bad wine for under $10 . . .