Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Fit

I'm back on P90X, which if you have been under a rock is an intense video workout program with weights, cardio, interval training, yoga and a few other things thrown in. It takes me back to my trainer/aerobic instructor days - it's good solid exercise, it's hard, and it's got enough variety to keep it interesting and fun. It's definitely for folks who know their way around a gym, or have done some weight lifting before. I started up last spring, but Pumpkin was nursing then, and the minute I started to really exercise, my milk supply all but vanished. It seemed I could do a little workout, but even spreading the P90X stuff out to every other day was messing with me. I have to say, it was frustrating to see some nice changes like me being able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes and having it paired with a very hungry screaming little one. I waited a bit, and once he decided he was done with momma's milk, I started up again.

It's been two weeks back on it, and the changes in strength this time have been fast. I've been able to increase my weights every time, and am starting to see a little muscle definition where once there was none. Yesterday I even did a few pull ups which I haven't been able to do in forever. I'm getting up super early to workout, and that alarm is the worst noise (aside from a screaming child at 2am) but it is worth it. I've noticed that on the days I get a workout in, I am far less irritable, I sleep better, I don't clench my jaw as much at night, and I just feel more centered overall. Yeah, I'd like to look like a rock star, but really I just want to keep up with my kids and know that if they decide to take up rock climbing I can do it with them and enjoy myself.

So I'm getting fit. I'm making it a priority. Keep me honest people :)

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