Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just give it to me straight!

I am not a supplement kind of girl. I have always thought that if you are eating well (real food) you should be able to get everything you need. As I have gotten older and realized how much I need those extra vitamins and minerals that have gone directly to my kids through my milk - no stopping at go, no collecting $200 - I have made the leap. I now take a ridiculous amount of vitamins, and I can tell (and I bet you could too!) if I haven't had one.

Since I have a two year old who can eat a ginormous amount of food one day and nothing the next, I decided to try some vitamins with her as well. She has been taking a probiotic powder that I mix into her drinks and food, and this has been going well. She knows it is there (because I tell her) but it doesn't change the taste of the food or drink so it works. I figured we should try a similar way to get vitamins in. We tried liquid vitamins first. I mixed a bit into her water, but the juice taste was too much for her. She really only does water and milk, and these vitamins had a weird juicy juice taste. So next we did the gummy ones. Since she has little candy experience and I thought these would seem like a treat. She hated them. We tried chewables which worked for a few weeks until they lost their appeal somehow. Same with the DHA gummy fish. So after a good $50-70 down the drain I gave up.

A few mornings ago, she saw me dip my finger into the probiotic powder and give some to her little brother. Well, that did it. She had to have some too. I gave her some on her spoon and she ate it and asked for more. I offered the original liquid vitamins on a spoon too - guess what? She ate them. Then she saw me taking fish oil on a spoon and wanted that too! Well OK... she ate that! So all this time I have been racking my brain to figure out how to get vitamins in, she would have just taking them straight. Oh why didn't I do that first???

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Synaura said...

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