Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am creating my own little foodies. We are a bit uppity about our food - we like real food to begin with which seems to be an oddity. Food from a box is really not my thing - it is not more convenient, nor is it less expensive. It is also completely loaded with crap. In my hunt for foods without soy I have been pressed to read labels once again and I continue to be amazed at the unpronouncable things in what ought to be regular foods.

We buy mainly fresh foods and make things from scratch. I love to have Peanut help in the kitchen, at the farmers market, grocery store and the garden so she sees how food begins and how it gets to our table. She knows that chickens are animals and that we eat them and their eggs. I am trying not to hide the realities of food from her just as we are trying to teach her about money - it doesn't just appear and it doesn't come from "that card".

We get most of our meat and eggs from Polyface farm and I will never go back to store bought meat and eggs if we can help it. The taste of happy, appropriately fed animals is second to none, and the eggs are amazing. Here's a picture of breakfast preparation when we had to use store bought eggs in addition to our last farm egg as we had run out. The difference is astounding - and the store bought eggs are organic cage free....etc. so we are comparing equally. Check it out -

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A said...

I have this experience every time that we have to resort to store-bought. I used to think egg yolks were supposed to be yellow!