Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where's the TV?

I had a period of a few years where I did not have a television. I got used to it, and really enjoyed it. I accomplished a lot during those years, as the pull of the couch was not so strong :). When honey moved in he brought a tremendous TV with him. It took up our whole tiny living room in the townhouse, and was the first thing you saw when you walked in the front door. Loved it. We had replaced that with a sleeker version, which was better, but still the first thing people saw. We are now putting that "small" TV in the gym and have the "big" TV in the family room. It is not gargantuan, just the right size for the distance from the couch. I've reconciled myself to having the TV, and having a big one, but not to having it on full view all the time. So this week, we were finally able to close it in! I love our new cabinet! It is the best of all worlds - we have a TV we can see from the couch, and enjoy watching a little home improvement TV (OK - a lot), but we can close it us and it looks like a lovely piece of furniture! Here is the before and after -

Pretty sweet huh?!
Of course, it came in a million parts and we had to piece it together with absurd instructions...but we are getting really good at that.

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