Monday, December 8, 2008

Still no kitchen

We are spending so much on food - going out and ordering in, processed and prepared foods, smaller sizes for our tiny fridge - it consumes my thoughts at times! I am trying to cook more at home, but it is really an effort. With scarce prep space, fridge space, and cooking options, we are limited. Tonight we had a blast from the past and made English muffin pizzas! Peanut loved them, so it was a success. Last night Honey grilled some steaks and I made a big salad. That worked out well too, but last week we did pre-marinated salmon and rice pilaf and boy, was that crummy! The salmon was rubbery and the pilaf was really salty. It is the little things I miss, like boiling water and making a pot of pasta on the stove. I am so excited to buy full size items - a gallon of milk, a large yogurt, a box of pasta - instead of single serving or snack sizes of everything. I can wait for that fridge to get plugged in!

i feel like we have done very little lately, but that is not really true. We are just in a little holding pattern until the floor arrives. Meanwhile, we have ordered windows and gutters, had estimates on insulation, and continue to work and play and live our regular lives. Each night we do a little - putting together office furniture or kitchen doors and drawers, unpacking another box, cleaning under the couch :) but I do feel like there is still so much to do. I know (hope) there will be a big burst of activity and lots will get accomplished in the next few weeks.

We do have a great office now - we both have our own huge desks and I got a new laptop this weekend, so I really have my own space I can clutter up as I see fit. I can't think of a time when I had this expanse of a desk - I might actually be able to functionally work from home now!

We do have a problem in that I can't find our "holiday" box. It has Hanukkah, Christmas, and Halloween stuff in it and it is blue, but that is as far as it goes right now. So Peanut and I collected pine cones today to decorate and put on our tree. She loved finding them and i hope she will have as much fun gussying them up!

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