Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Lone Appliance

Honey and I just finished installing the microwave and I had no idea how beautiful it would be! I can just stare at it. We just need to connect the duct work and we can actually use it - the first working appliance in our kitchen! We are leaving the plastic on to protect it until we are all done, but you can still get an idea of how awesome the rest of the appliances will look against the wood. For future reference, it is best to cut the holes for the microwave duct work and screws BEFORE installing the cabinet on the wall. It is a little rough to drill and cut upside down and there is a little sawdust issue - safety glasses are great, but sawdust still got all down my shirt!

The guy from counterintelligence (I just love that name!) came to measure for our counters today. He had the coolest set up - a mechanical pen on a huge arm and tripod that was connected to his computer and literally drew a picture of the counters. I was totally enraptured by the whole thing - I felt like a little kid. I remember when CAD was the new thing and I decided that I wanted to learn it in like elementary or junior high - this just took me right back. The counter guy sent all of our measurements into the shop right over the computer and said they should call by the end of this week to set up install for next week. How fabulous!

Our floors are in as well - the Marmoleum looks great - I'll have to take another photo for those of you who clamor for the visual - I know the words are hard to understand sometimes :)

So our plumber should be here this week to install the gas line on the stove, the ice maker on the fridge, and set up the lines for the dishwasher. We should actually have all of our appliance in the kitchen and out of the living and dining rooms by this weekend. Then we can rearrange the living room and set up the tree and figure out where to put the menorah. Oh, and we can get the dining room table in off the sun porch :)

Here are some more pictures for fun - aren't the cabinets wild? It is hard to even remember what that wall looked like before - here it is with the washer and dryer in the kitchen! What a huge difference!

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A said...

Everything looks awesome! I need to come over and see for myself. And see that beautiful belly! :)