Sunday, November 16, 2008


Now I am at the point where every time we finish a project I no longer feel elated. I just know the next project is right around the corner and am trudging ahead to finish that. I think this week will be a big one though, because our kitchen contractor starts tomorrow! I am hopeful that having drywall in the kitchen will make that whole section of the house more pulled together, safe, useful, and, oh yes - warm! It is freezing over there because there is nothing but plywood between us and the sky. I still look at it every day and yearn for skylights. I'm thinking it is still a possibility...

I'd like to clean the living room floor, because you can see under all of the furniture when you walk in the front door, and it is really dusty from all of the work. Sounds simple, but it is not. It is like a domino effect - once the kitchen cabinets go up, more than half the boxes that are all over the house can be unpacked of their dishes and pots and pans. Once that is done, we'll have room to move things around downstairs and finish our painting. Once the painting is done we can put up the artwork that lines the living room walls right now, and once that is up we can clean the living room floor! Seems like everything in this house is like that right now.

We have gotten a lot done this weekend - Honey's mom and a friend of hers came to stay with us and watch Peanut while we worked. We finished the baseboard and quarter round in the hall and the rec room, built a few more cabinets (IKEA did have the second pallet at the warehouse and delivered it yesterday - thank goodness!), and put up some blinds. We had begun to feel like we were in a fishbowl with our big picture window in the rec room where we spend most of our time. The blinds really make it feel cozy and far from any eyes - like people are that curious!

We are hosting Thanksgiving here in a little less than two weeks. I made reservations as our plan B, so should we have no way to cook, we'll still get turkey. Now, I am on to worrying about the number of functional toilets. We have three bathrooms. In the master bath, the toilet and sink are usable, and the shower probably is too, but we have yet to use it as the door leaks and it is really gross and cavelike. The hall bath has a tub, but no other fixtures, and the bath downstairs is fully functional although the toilet is a "hold it down forever and hope it really flushes" model. I am hopeful that our toilets come in this week and we can add a john to the upstairs bath so whoever sleeps in the upstairs guest room doesn't have to go all the way downstairs in the middle of the night to go. We are having some issues with the hall bath sink and counter as well - we have an odd size vanity and so anything we do has to be special order which = expensive and a long wait. We will have to do something though - even if we do plywood with a drop in sink as a temporary solution.

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