Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's your size?

If you can't handle "girly stuff" then move on. Let me start by saying that I have always had a thing about underwear. The need for matching bra and panties to me has always seemed like a perfectly normal thing, and the idea of wearing "fancy" underthings on a "regular" day was like brushing your teeth before bed - a given, a no brainer.

Well, having a baby (two really) put a serious damper on my style. First, you search for maternity undies that are cute and comfy while at the same time being stretchy enough to fit your gargantuan parts. Then you search for a bra to match as you change sizes almost daily. I ended up going for white and beige, which is really boring in my book. I'd at least like a little flower or bow or something, but no dice.

I won't even go into the phase most of us block out between the birth and like 2 months later when you just need (want?) to wear a diaper. Then, the attempt to find a nursing bra that works, is pretty, and can stretch a few cup sizes and a few band sizes at least (seriously - I was up to a 36 H at one point, and then steady for a bit at a 32 F while nursing - try finding those sizes in a store. Welcome to online shopping) so it will fit for more than a week is almost impossible. When Peanut was born, I worked hard to find good bras. I got sized at a fancy shop and tried about a zillion on. I now have a drawer full of nursing bras of various sizes.

This time, after Pumpkin was born, I just gave in to comfort and have worn nursing tanks almost every day. All the bras I have are uncomfortable, too big or too small, and don't match my undies anyway, so what's the point? Well, now I am officially sick and tired of wearing tanks and completely mismatched panties, and I'm on the hunt for new underthings! It makes me tingle just thinking about it - I've missed my Vicky's outings.

So I have no idea what size I am, which means I definitely need to go and try things on. BUT. How do you go to Victoria's Secret or wherever and try stuff on with a toddler and preschooler in tow? Yeah. Not so much. So I started my search online, and found several bra size calculators. That would be helpful! I can just find my size, order a bunch of things, and return what doesn't work - have a dressing room at home. So, I plugged in my measurements and discovered...that every single calculator gave me a different size. And not like within two band sizes or something. Up popped everything from a 36A (yeah right) to a 30F. So what, do I pick the size that sounds most appealing to me? Do I try one of everything? Argh! I can't imagine why most women are wearing the wrong size!

Looks like it's nursing tanks for me until I can get a sitter or Honey to hang out with the kids while I go get measured. Maybe I can at least find some cute printed panties to match the tanks...

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