Monday, June 14, 2010

My boy is ONE

Yesterday, my little Pumpkin turned one. It is hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that he arrived in a joyful hurry, taking me and Honey off guard, and proving that birth can be a wonderful, joyful, powerful, and painless experience. He continues to be in a hurry, a little impatient, so loving and snuggly sweet, and so smiley. I love how he cuddles in tight, how he points to things he wants and then hits his chest to emphasize that I should give it to him. I love how he slyly smiles when he sees what he wants, and how he calls me mama. I love how he has to taste everything new he finds, especially anything outdoors. I love how he dances, and talks on the phone, copies everything we do, and is so proud of his own antics. I love how he adores his big sister and wants to be near her, doing what she is doing. I love how he cuddles his baby doll tight, and gives big huge sloppy kisses. I love that he sees Honey and calls "Da!" and reaches out for him. I love how he smiles a knowing smile as he takes more and more steps on his own. It has been a fast year, a slow year, a really hard year, and a really wonderful year. Happy Birthday my tiny boy. I love you so.

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