Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother's Helpers

Back to reality.

Last week was really lovely - Honey's mom was here for the week and I was spoiled. I got lots accomplished inside and outside. I went out a few times to run an errand or two on my own - it is truly amazing to me how quickly I can get errands done when it is just me. I was able to walk away from the kids to do a task and not worry about Pumpkin climbing into the fireplace, or Peanut running him over with her grocery cart. I even had some time to myself. We enjoyed a "date" on Friday night, and the kids loved hanging with Nana. Honey took me out for Thai food and then I had him take me to Lowes to buy some plants for the front yard. Never had a date at Lowes? You are missing out my friend!

I was so calm last week, that I started to second guess myself about needing a Mother's Helper. I interviewed some lovely girls, and as I told them about the kids and their routines, it sounded so...easy. I began to reconsider - I was staying home for a reason. I chose to be with my kids. Why did I need help to do what I chose to do? Why not look for help with the things I really didn't want to do? I started doing some calculations and realized I could hire someone to clean the house every week for the same price, and began to weigh the options. And then Honey took Nana home on Sunday, and I was home with the kids all day by myself. Back to the world of unpredictable naps and babies needing to be held at the most inopportune times. And the calm disintegrated and I realized that in order to be a fabulous stay at home mom and really enjoy the time I spend with my children, I do absolutely need someone to keep an eye on them for a bit while I do something else. Just to take a breath and relax while pulling weeds, or clean the shower is a nice little break that makes me appreciate my babies. So on to the references...

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