Thursday, May 27, 2010

Backyard Carnival

So sad to see that it is the end of May and I've only posted twice this month! Seriously? Ah well. Such is the life of a mom to toddlers and preschoolers. Here's where I would usually admonish myself for not getting to blogging, but I won't do that. It's on the list, but not at the top and that's OK. I'm getting back on the top of that list, thank you very much.

Nana is here this week, and we are catching up on projects around the house while she gets to enjoy the kiddos. Who would have thought I'd been excited about cleaning? We have been able to finally install our baby gate at the top of the stairs, which should make meal preparation a bit calmer. I can now leave Pumpkin to roam while I cook instead of locking him in his booster seat and hearing him complain and throw food to the dog. Ahhh, the little things. I've also been able to get a haircut and start interviewing for a new mother's helper. We've got some sweet girls coming this week to meet the kids, so hopefully we will find someone fun and trustworthy to play with Peanut and Pumpkin while I get a few hours to myself. We might even be able to go out on some dates! I just can't even really imagine that!

The seeds and plants are all in the garden at last. We have had a few run ins with a bunny who chewed into the fence to get the beets and cucumbers, but so far it looks like it will be a productive summer. We are really enjoying our lettuces and very spice arugula and radishes! Next is the herb garden, some flowers, mulching, and weeding. If Nana was here for the month we might get it all done. One thing at a time.

We did decide to go for the playground, in a huge way. Come the end of June, a carnival will ensue in our yard. Peanut can't wait even though I'm still not sure she understands that it will be here for good. She told me she wanted to have this one, then send it back and get another until she had all the ones in the book. It sounds like a playground library - now that would be fabulous!

2 comments:'s good for you. said...

That thing is amazing, Laurie. Whoa.

Laurie said...

Oh it's serious all right! It will be here in a few weeks - Come on over and enjoy it with us!