Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wanted: One Camera Crew...

The language that comes out of this little girl is astonishing. Today, she said, "mouses are mice" very thoughtfully as she was working out the plural. She has the plurals of most normal words down, but some of the odd ones are a puzzle for her. I have no idea where she got the mouse - mice connection, but there it is. We were driving this morning to Hidden Pond, and stopped on the way to drop off some library books. After a big exclamation "there's my library!" she asked "are we going inside to drop off our books?". Once we were on our way, she began to ask about going inside the library again and I said that maybe Friday would be a good day to go. Peanut then says, "no, I have plans Friday." Really? So I asked what her plans were - she says "Aunt Brianne will come Friday. She will have dinner with us and read books." Yeah - she does have plans Friday. Who knew she had a little blackberry in her head?

After a fun filled morning watching the turtles and snakes, walking around the pond, and playing on the playground (completely independently even on the big slides for the first time!) I figured we'd have a nice nap. She talked to my mom on the phone, and had her second "real" phone conversation. She told her all about our morning with details about seeing "lots and lots of fish and tons and tons of turtles" and that she was "sad about the mice. Mouses are called mice. The mice went to another store.". After all that, well, she's still up there talking and chattering away. When I went up to remind her it was still naptime, she gave me the play by play of her afternoon. "When I finish my nap, I will put on my pants and shoes and my purple flower dress, and go outside to run and play." She is priceless.

My little dude decided yesterday to pull himself up on his little gym and use it like a walker. So I turned around to see him coming towards me! Holy cow. Between the two of them, it's just constant - I wish I had a recording of it all - now I see how John and Kate (well OK maybe just Kate) got to be OK with a camera crew around all the time.

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