Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Green Bathroom is DONE!

Our bathroom is done! Finally! And we are actually using it!

Here are the things I love about it:
- it all works
- it is all clean
- none of the materials had any smell going in - no airing out the room for days
- all the tile is recycled (aside from the river rock floor in the shower)
- I LOVE the glass tile border in the shower - it is iridescent and so pretty
- the lights can stay off and the solatube lights up the shower in the morning
- the river rock floor in the shower feels so nice on my tootsies
- it looks like a sleek hotel bathroom
- the toilet flushes nicely, looks great, and it's a dual flush so we save water
- there is a ridiculous amount of storage
- the medicine cabinet has a mirror on the outside, the inside of the door and the back interior of the cabinet
- it's ours and it's in our bedroom

I know there is more (I love it all!), but suffice it to say that we are pleased.
I was interviewed about the project and process by a reporter for You can read the whole article here. There are some good pictures there, but they are from before the shower door was installed. I'll have to take a few of the truly finished product. Here is a quick look at the before and after - what a huge difference! And the last major interior remodeling project is complete! (Knock wood)


Anonymous said...

Well Laurie, congratulations on the remodel. It looks great. The Solatube in the shower is a great idea. I had it done in my home as well. I actually added a ventilation add on kit in the shower on mine. Great option. I had it done by a local company ( Solabrite) in Pleasanton,CA. They did a great job.

I also had one added over the vanity area. Can never had too much light in the bathroom ;)

I commend you on going green!


Laurie said...

Thanks! The solatube in the shower has the vent kit and light kit as well. We had two tubes put into the kitchen at the same time and we liked them so much we had the guys come back to add one in our other bathroom!