Monday, January 4, 2010


Grocery delivery seems like something I'd never need or want. I like to pick out my own produce, and I prefer to get things from the farmers market or my garden or a CSA. Sometimes though, you are in a pinch and the to do list is far too long for the time you have. This past week, we returned from a weekend at Honey's mom's house Monday night with no food in the fridge and little menu planning accomplished. This would have been an ideal week to have groceries delivered the morning after we got back. I decided to try it so if we did need to use the service again, I would know what we were in for. I was worried about the produce especially - we shop each week and eat what we buy, so ripe but not overripe produce is what we need.

So I put in an order online on Thursday and we scheduled delivery for Saturday between 7 and 9 am. At 6:58, there is a knock on the door - well they are on time! A nice guy brings my stuff in and offers to bring it to the kitchen for me. All the billing and invoice is online so there is little paper - he just needs my signature. The total bill was comparable to what I usually spend, and the delivery fee is about $7. As I unload the stash, everything looks good. The bananas are VERY green as are the avocados, but the other produce is ready to eat. There was a decent organic selection as well, which surprised me, but definitely made shopping easier.

The most absurd thing was that for a regular grocery order that would have fit in 3-4 of my reusable Chico bags, I was given 20 plastic bags! Many items were in their own bags, and a few were double bagged for whatever reason. I expected a few boxes rather than bags, just because it seems like that would be easier on the truck. I'll have to comment on that when I give my feedback to the store website - seems like a perfect place to decrease the store carbon footprint. So overall, it turned out to be a good option, but the plastic bag situation is a little crazy. Next time I can't get organized enough to get to the store, I'll know what I'm in for!

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