Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Whole 'nother ball game

I know I am only 5 weeks in to this "having two kids" scene, but honestly, how do people do it? Once you have a second child, other people with two or more kids start to open up about how difficult it is - it's like you joined some secret club. I think most moms probably feel too guilty about how they feel to share it with people who are not in "the club". There are times I just want to walk out of the house and lock the door. Of course that won't happen, and of course it gets easier, or different , or both, hopefully. Anyway, know that if you are having a second kid, I'll be the one to spill the beans before you actually join the club.

My little man is having much less reflux and therefore less full out screaming sessions, but is now happily awake and wanting to play at 3am. He only screams now when we are in the car, which is really fun, especially in traffic. I am going to become a hermit I think and just stay home if it continues. I can vividly remember the ONE car trip where Peanut did this - I was coming back from the University of Maryland and was in 495/66 traffic and she screamed the whole way. I stopped several times to nurse and calm her, but nothing worked. I finally called Honey from 66 to have someone take my mind away from the crying. Well, Pumpkin pretty much screams at least part of every car trip, so now I am getting used to it and just gritting my teeth through it.

On the upside, Pumpkin is starting to smile and laugh, bat at toys, and he just loves his big sister. When he is not in the car, he is an absolute joy! And during the day, he is a superb napper. They are both napping now - and of course you ask "why are you not napping too!?" - excellent question. I am washing diapers, paying bills, cleaning up the breakfast and lunch dishes - congealed Mac and cheese is fairly gross (Gasp! yes it came from a box but at least it was organic) and I need to head out to the garden to survey the out of control cucumber situation.

Of course, we have to add into the equation an extremely jealous big sister who somehow senses when I am holding or nursing Pumpkin even if she can't see me, and chooses that particular time to have a major meltdown, run out into a parking lot, or find some other way to get me to drop everything (or at least try) and come to her aid. Yesterday, I had three grocery bags, Pumpkin in the carrier and was trying to get everyone in the car when she decided to bolt. OY! I have to keep reminding myself that they are little and they are (we all are) doing the best they can to figure out where they fit in this new dynamic. But oh boy is it hard.

I told Honey last night that I want a bath, a nap, a glass of red wine and a big bowl of coffee ice cream. Of course, that would probably make Pumpkin have awful reflux...

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