Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks - well kind of

On Friday night, the golf course behind our house had a fireworks display. We figured that since it was practically in our backyard, we would keep Peanut up to see them. So she took a late nap (She spent the day with Denise, who has watched her while I was at work since she was 4 months old! They had a grand time, and she took a good long nap over there) and we worked to keep her awake until we went outside at around 9pm. To pass the time, Honey found a Star Wars marathon on TV and we created a new addiction - she now loves Chewbacca ("Baca") and now randomly asks for him. The creation of a sci-fi geek is a whole other subject. Anyway, we went outside with the kids around 9 and Peanut kept questioning our sanity - "Dark?" like Hey - it's dark out here - what are you guys thinking? We put bug spray on, dragged chairs out to the fence, and wrapped Pumpkin up in the Moby to keep him warm and far from mosquitoes. While we were waiting, we noticed a rabbit, and several bats. Yay for the bats - eat those mosquitoes! Once again, we marveled that this little piece of heaven is ours. Lots of neighbors were popping over and under the fence onto the course to get good viewing. It looked very clandestine with folks ducking under fences!

While we waited for the show to begin, Peanut fell asleep in Honey's lap. When the fireworks began, she raised her little head for a moment and Pumpkin jumped with each boom - I could feel him in the Moby all wrapped up and sleeping. We walked around to see what the best vantage point was, but Peanut decided she was all done. So back into the house we go. Once we were in, she realized she could see them from our bedroom window, and had me hold her up for the duration of the fireworks.

So, she liked them enough to ask about them the next day ("dark?" "oworks?") during breakfast, but really they are better viewed from the comfort of home. I couldn't agree more.

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