Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things I Have Learned About Toilets

  • There are different sizes - 10", 12", and 14" rough ins - and ours is over 11" but not quite 12" which means that the toilets for a 12" will fit, but have less of a space behind the tank than they should.
  • Different toilet manufacturers give more or less room for a fudge factor with the rough in. Toto gives more space with some of their models than say Kohler.
  • There are lots of ways toilets work! Gravity assist, siphon....I don't even remember.
  • There are entire websites, group chats, and info sites devoted to toilet performance discussions and reviews!
  • Dual flush toilets are "hard to install" according to most people who don't buy into the dual flush idea overall.
  • There is a lot of discussion about how high the water is in the bowl and whether or not your kids can aim well enough that you don't have to constantly clean the bowl.
  • There are all kinds of high tech ways to reduce "skid marks". Who knew? The finish on the toilet, the size of the opening, the shape of the bowl... all things to consider.
  • I will go completely out of my mind choosing a toilet that will fit our rough in, work for our babe, us, our guests, and use less water, and stay clean, and not cost a fortune, and be simple to install.


ecotransitions said...

Hi Laurie,

If you are serious about saving water, want a toilet that really works and is affordable, I would highly recommend a Caroma Dual Flush toilet. Caroma toilets offer a patented dual flush technology consisting of a 0.8 Gal flush for liquid waste and a 1.6 Gal flush for solids. Caroma, an Australian company set the standard by giving the world its first successful two button dual flush system in the nineteen eighties and has since perfected the technology. Also, with a full 4″ trapway, these toilets virtually never clog. All of Caroma’s toilets are on the list of WaterSense labeled HET’s and also qualify for LEED 3.1 or 3.2. Please go to for more detailed information or visit to see why they actually work better than any US toilet. Best regards, Andrea Paulinelli, owner ecoTransitions Inc.

Laurie said...

Thanks Andrea - this is a brand I have been looking at. It's only drawback is that it is hard to find one in person! I'll keep searching.