Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a difference a little paint makes! I am sore and tired, but all of the upstairs bedrooms are primed and their ceilings are painted - no more black and maroon walls! We had a little contest between Olympic (Lowes) no VOC primer and Sherwin Williams Harmony no VOC primer and the Harmony won hands down. The Olympic was runny and had trouble covering the dark colors while the Harmony was think and covered nicely. So, after the attempt to save some $ on paint failed, we promptly bought 8 about $400 worth of paint this weekend. The colors are beautiful - the ceilings already look so nice and warm with their "morning sun" glowy cream coats.

The tile is in on the bathroom floor and the last shreds of vinyl were pried up from the concrete floor downstairs today. Poor honey worked so hard at that - it was brutal. These tiles were really stuck to the concrete, which was a sad thing since all of our other flooring has come out so easily. Both of us have not been to the gym in a few days, but we certainly got our workouts this weekend. We used a power roller for much of the painting, which made it fast, but boy is it heavy! I'll have shoulders like Lara Croft by the time we are done.

The kitchen stud walls came down and we can really see how the layout will look. We've been going back and forth on finishing the kitchen ourselves or having our kitchen guy help out. He is supposed to come walk through on Wednesday and we are scheduled to start with him on Thursday. We go back and forth feeling as though we are already doing so much on our own so why not continue, and feeling like it might be nice to just hand it all over.

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