Thursday, July 11, 2013


We've always been pretty straightforward about bodies and the differences between boys and girls around here.  With all the breastfeeding, watching birth videos, and using the "proper" words for parts, we figured getting to the actual "how a baby is made" part would be fairly simple.  So far, we have fielded questions as they come, answering them briefly without going overboard. 

A few weeks ago, Peanut began to ask about how the baby gets in there.  As we answered her questions we realized that she got all the precursors and was just trying to figure out the missing link.  We had seen this book and thought it was well done, so we just started using it as a bedtime story.  It took a few days, but when we did get to the chapter in question, I just read it through without comment.  Peanut looked a bit surprised, but Pumpkin didn't even blink - I don't think he caught it at all. 

We finished the chapter and as we were getting ready for bed, Peanut said "you have to snuggle with me.  I might have some questions."  Yeah - I figured that sweetie :) and had clearly planned to stay while Honey put Pumpkin to bed. 

So she confirmed what she had heard, and then asked a bunch of questions about having your underwear on or off, and whether daddy and I had done that.  Then - and this from a girl who has always wanted nothing more than to care for babies and have her own - she says "I think I might not have a baby."  We giggled like best buddies as we talked about how crazy baby making sounds, but how when you get older it doesn't sound so weird. 

What is so hard about talking about sex with our kids?  I'm sure there are a million questions and a million hurdles we have yet to jump but there are facts and answers and discussions to be had that will help our kids be more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality than we were.  We should share what we know and be honest with them. 

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