Thursday, September 15, 2011


It was overwhelming.  There were hundreds of people, standing room only.  He was 59, and running a triathlon when he felt ill.  Within a very short time, he went into cardiac arrest.  It was totally unexpected.  During the service, people laughed and cried, smiled and winced.  This man had touched so many people's lives - there were huge groups of people there from every connection, all stunned and sad.  Over and over he was lauded as a man who made other people comfortable.  A man who smiled and talked and spent time with and for other people.  As I sat there, experiencing the rituals that comfort so many of us, and looked upon this sea of people, I couldn't help but think about my dad.  Another man who touched many.  Whose funeral was standing room only.  Who worked hard to make other people comfortable.  Who loved his children.  Life is short people.  Enjoy it. Embrace it.  Smile.  Listen.  Be. 

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A said...

Thanks for the reminder momma!