Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Rituals

We are celebrating spring. I love to see the new shoots and buds coming up, the birds doing their crazy little mating dances, and just noticing everything being "new". In lieu of focusing on the spring holidays of Passover and Easter (both of which I'd like to loosely celebrate, but have yet to get my act together on that) I've been starting a practice of doing lots of spring related crafts and activities. Our main activity lately has been the garden of course. The kids have their own little garden space as well this year where they have planted some flowers. We built a little teepee that will have bean and morning glory plants all around it by the summer and will be a great little hideaway. We made our nest baskets already as we did last year, and this morning we colored our eggs. As we were coloring the eggs, Peanut and I had a funny conversation about why we were doing this. We talked about what comes from eggs, chicks, crocodiles, bugs, dinosaurs...and somehow came back around to "new baby animals come out of eggs, and we celebrate the new animals being born in the spring". Whew. So we will hide them tomorrow in the yard, even though Pumpkins are already cracked and half peeled as he only knows that eggs are good eats. We are hoping to do a short hike as well and take in the beauty of the season. Happy spring to you. Smell the earth, watch the clouds, and be thankful for it all.

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