Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Completed Thought

I was reading an article the other day, and I - oh honey careful for that - thought of you and your hunt for - is that mine or yours? Oh no, that's mine. Coming sweetie! Oh I see you wanted that toy and Susie has it. Have you tried asking her for it? Well, it looks like she is not ready to be done, is there another toy you might use? Yep, that one is free. All right. So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, so how's that going? If we lived a little closer we would be really into that - babe crayons are for paper. Only on paper. - this is nice tea, where did you - only on the paper. Uh oh! Looks like you need to use the potty! Come on, let's go together... Here's a stool to climb and wash your hands. All set? Let's go see your friends! - You know I can't believe she is tall enough to get to the faucet herself. They grow so quickly and get so independent! Yesterday, you should have seen it, the two of them were - wow you are up really high! Let me stand close to make sure you stay safe. OK, step down like this, yes, there you go. Did it! - He is really giving me a run for my money. There is nothing he doesn't climb. - there you go! I bet she feels really happy that you gave her a turn. - With two, I feel like I can never finish a thought or a sentence before I have to - Oh, maybe you two can work something out. I bet you can both play with that toy together or you can take turns. - negotiate something or another!

It's a wonder that moms can create friendships. Thank you to all of my mom friends, past and present, new and old, for bearing with the scattered conversation and working on making real connections. I couldn't do it at all without you.

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