Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures in Eating

So Pumpkin is continuing to expand his palate as well as his independence with eating and feeding himself. He is now at the point where he will absolutely refuse to eat if you try to feed him or if you refuse to give him his plate or bowl. This has been fun because we usually give the kids regular dishes and he is a bit more rough and tumble than Peanut was when she was at this stage. I'm glad Pyrex is pretty strong :)

Some of his recent endeavors have included corn on the cob which he loved, and fresh from the garden patty pan squash, which he loved as well - probably more due to my reaction when I saw he had swiped it than anything else.
At this point, his day revolves so significantly around food that he is even playing kitchen for most of the day! He gets up on his little stool and waits for Peanut to bring him play food and drinks (which she happily does!) and he makes all knds of pretend eating sounds. It is really funny. He is definitely not starving!

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