Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting bigger...

My kids are getting big. No really. Not big like large, but big like mature, older, capable, independent. It makes me so proud that they are such great little people, but it makes me sad and scared as well because I know they will soon go off and do their own thing and I'll fade into the background.

I've been really interested to see how Peanut does at preschool. The first month, we had school here and I was the teacher, so it was all fine. This month we are at another child's house with his mom as the teacher, and it was reported that my little Peanut was super quiet the first day. The families involved in our little co-op share pictures and a blog about school, and I can see that Peanut has her fingers in her mouth for some of the photos. She spent a few weeks at the beginning of ballet class with her hands in her mouth, but I didn't expect it with familiar children and adults - familiar as in kids she has seen every week for the past year or so! The change in territory seems to be enough to shake her confidence.

I saw something else interesting. At home, she loves playdough, but really needs and wants an adult to manipulate the dough for her, helping her make beds and animals and blankets and loveys (yes - that is a favorite theme). At school, she looked as though she independently played with the dough more than usual. The other day, she was working on a puzzle that she usually enjoys doing with me or Honey. I walked into the room and she had 1/2 of it done on her own, and she suddenly became helpless and whiny. She said she needed help, couldn't do it, and generally got upset. When I walked away, she was fine and back to her work. She did the whole thing on her own! Hmmmm. Looks like having her in other environments with other teachers is a MUST - otherwise, I'm afraid she will continue to rely on me when she is really quite capable.

This morning, Peanut got a new pink sparkly tutu. She slept through the night all week, and got enough stars on her chart for a prize. She was wearing her dress right away, and only changed to go out to play in the snow (yes - there is still snow). She is beyond proud of herself, and loves her new dress!

Pumpkin continues to work on sleeping in his own room. He has been doing great, but he is waking up often since he is now cutting one of his front teeth. We've managed to keep him in his crib almost all night every night with a few quick night nursings in our bed (it's just so much more comfortable this way!). He is really enjoying his meals now - black beans and butternut squash for lunch today - and eats more than I had anticipated. Our grocery bills are on the rise.

He is really perfecting his balance and mobility - he is now pulling up on moving objects, like small cars, grocery carts, me, and letting go with one hand and sometimes two. He is a pretty fast crawler which is my saving grace as I think he will prefer speed over height for a while longer. He's waving "hi", clapping his hands, and loving to play games with his big sister. He laughs and chuckles when she does peek a boo with him. He is so different than she was as a baby. He loves balls and things with wheels, and loves to make noise and really chew on his toys. It's not like he has a different set of toys than she did either - we've had trucks and planes and balls since Peanut was born - she just veered towards the babies and pumpkin is really working the cars.

Gosh they are sweet.

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