Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's something amusing. We had a huge snowstorm at the beginning of this week. Wind howling, snow falling, freezing temperatures. We actually got enough snow that Peanut was up to her knees in it and could barely walk which is why there are no pictures of her playing in it. I had to hold both hand the whole time we were out there otherwise she was down for the count. Well, we are scheduled to get new windows on the rest of our house, and are patiently awaiting that day. We almost didn't do the window in our downstairs bathroom, but at the last minute we decided to throw it in to the estimate. I'm glad we did, because when I went in there to take a shower on Tuesday, there were icicles coming INSIDE the window! I'm talking inside the shower! I have a distinct feeling that the temperature difference will be significant in that room with the new window. I hope you can see the pictures of our indoor weather!

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