Thursday, September 4, 2008


So we are planning on doing some work ourselves on the new house, but we've been there before and would love to hire some folks to do some of the dirty work. This whole week has been about meeting lots of contractors, designers and handy people. We have been to the house almost every day, and poor Peanut has just about had it. She is so happy to run around on the sidewalk, but once we go inside, into the Ergo she goes and it is HOT with no power on and being so close and snuggled into mommy. She has be a very sweaty, rosy cheeked munchkin this week. I just can't let her down since we have no idea what is on the floors and she will put anything she finds in her mouth.

We have had some good meetings with folks - it looks promising. I think we will be able to hire someone to do most if not all of the kitchen at least. We are meeting with someone tomorrow who is giving us an estimate on cleaning too, which I'd really love to pass along and not do ourselves. The house was owned by some really heavy smokers and the ceiling and walls need to be scrubbed before they are painted to get the stench out. It is not going to be fun work and really I'd rather save my energy for painting over all of the garish colors. What is the deal? Almost every foreclosure we looked at had crazy colors on all of the walls. Beware - if you have bizarre colorful walls, your house might be next!

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